The writer's last study in his apartment on Kuznechny Lane, while preserving the simplicity and modesty of the previous ones, was, however, more roomy and comfortable. The Dostoevskys' financial position had become more stable, Dostoevsky's popularity had grown, and in the course of the day he would receive a wide variety of guests. With some he spent time in the sitting-room, while close friends came into his study. His family remembered that he didn't like things to be disturbed in his study - for manuscripts or books to be moved, or a chair moved from the place where he had left it. This was his creative workshop, and no one was to disturb its special atmosphere. "On his writing desk, - wrote Dostoevsky's daughter Liuba, - the greatest order reigned. Newspapers, pack of cigarettes, letters he received, books he was consulting, - everything had to be in its own place. The slightest disorder irritated my father".

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