Dostoevsky in Spain

In order to understand how Dostoevsky was translated and read in Spain, on the reception of F. M. Dostoevsky’s life and work in Spain, a compulsorey reference work is Jordi Morillas Esteban’s F. M. Dostoievski en España. In this study, the author examines when and how the name “Dostoevsky” began to be popular among Spanish readers and when the first translations were published, showing what kind of image of the Russian writer was formed in Spanish intellectual circles and how they were influenced by him (especially Miguel de Unamuno and Pío Baroja). Finally, Morillas Esteban does set out the main areas of Dostoevsky research in Spain.

El Quixote: Dostoevsky & Spanish Literature

On Dostoevsky’s views of Cervantes see V.E. Bagno, “Dostoevskii o Don Kikhote Servantesa”

Dostoevsky and His Translations & Studies in Spain