Dostoevsky in UCL SSEES Library

“UCL SSEES Library will be marking the anniversary by publishing a “Libguide on Dostoevsky”. The Libguide, among other things, will cover audio-visual holdings in UCL SSEES Library, events that took place in the UK to commemorate the anniversary as well as include the links to digital copy of the first edition”.

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Dostoevsky in UCL SSEES Library

can be found in two main collections:

Books-Pamphlets collections by/on Dostoevsky and his works

UCL SSEES Library provides print and electronic books, journals, archive collections and other resources to support the study of the whole of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, from the Baltic to the Balkans, and from Germany to the Russian Far East.

The Bain Graffy Film Collection

The film versions are in DVD & video formats. The call numbers of the tapes/DVDs on which these films are held are given after the entries. Follow the link to retrieve full details.

For DVD material the original language is indicated, together with brief details of the subtitle options. Many of the DVDs in the collection offer optional subtitles in a range of languages. For further information on these language options, follow the link above.