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BBC Radio 4 made a series of six Gogol short stories, entitled Three Ivans, Two Aunts and an Overcoat (2002, adaptations by Jim Poyser) starring Griff Rhys-Jones and Stephen Moore. The stories adapted were “The Two Ivans”, “The Overcoat”, “Ivan Fyodorovich Shponka and His Aunt”, “The Nose”, “The Mysterious Portrait” and “Diary of a Madman”.

Gogol’s short story “Christmas Eve” was adapted into operatic form twice by Tchaikovsky, first as Vakula the Smith in 1874, then as The Tsarina’s Slippers in 1885; Rimsky-Korsakov also wrote an opera based on the same story in 1894. The story was also adapted for radio by Adam Beeson and broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 24 December 2008[45] and subsequently rebroadcast on both Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra on Christmas Eve 2010, 2011 and 2015.

Gogol’s story “Viy” was adapted into film by Russian filmmakers four times: the original Viy in 1967; the horror film Vedma (aka The Power of Fear) in 2006; the action-horror film Viy in 2014; and the horror film Gogol Viy released in 2018. It was also adapted into the Russian FMV video game Viy: The Story Retold (2004). Outside of Russia, the film loosely served as the inspiration for Mario Bava’s film Black Sunday (1960) and the South Korean horror film Evil Spirit: Viy (2008).

Gogol’s short story “The Portrait” is being made into a feature film The Portrait by fine artists Anastasia Elena Baranoff and Elena Vladimir Baranoff.

The Russian TV-3 television series Gogol features Nikolai Gogol as a lead character and presents a fictionalized version of his life that mixes his history with elements from his various stories.[53] The episodes were also released theatrically starting with Gogol. The Beginning in August 2017. A sequel entitled Gogol: Viy was released in April 2018 and the third film Gogol: Terrible Revenge debuted in August 2018.

Mykola Hohol a.k.a. Nikolai Gogol’s

SSEES Audio-Visual Collection

  • Noch´ pered rozhdestvom (Cherevichki) [Christmas Eve(The Slippers)], directed by Władysław Starewicz, 1913
    Call number V-3 41 minutes, Russian titles, English subtitles, added music track
    Call number DVD-3253 41 minutes, Russian titles, English subtitles, added music track
    Call number DVD-2425 37 minutes, Russian titles, with a new soundtrack by Messer Chups
    Call number DVD-2521 37 minutes, Russian titles, added music track
  • Portret [The Portrait] directed by Władysław Starewicz, 1915, 8 minute extract
    Call number DVD-144
  • Der Letzte Mann [The Last Laugh] [The Last Man] directed by F.W. Murnau, 1924, 91 minutes, German intertitles with optional English subtitles, silent with added music score
    (inspired by Gogol´’s story ‘The Overcoat’)
    Call number DVD-3348
  • Shinel´, kino-p´esa v manere Gogolia [The Overcoat. A Film-Play in the Manner of Gogol´] directed by Grigorii Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg, 1926
    Call number RD-292 67 minutes, Russian titles, English subtitles, added music track
    Call number DVD-491 63 minutes, in Russian
  • Sorochinskaia iarmarka [Sorochintsy Fair] directed by Nikolai Ekk, 1939, 84 minutes, in Russianwithout subtitles
    Call number DVD-1437
  • Kak possorilsia Ivan Ivanovich s Ivanom Nikiforovichem [How Ivan Ivanovich Quarelled with Ivan Nikiforovich] directed by Andrei Kustov and Anisim Mazur, 1941, 66 minutes, in Russian
    Call number DVD-2350
  • The Inspector General, directed by Henry Koster, 1949, 102 minutes in English
    Call number DVD-3039
  • Il Cappotto [The Overcoat] directed by Alberto Lattuada, 1952, 107 minutes, in Italian with optional English subtitles
    Call number DVD-3183
  • Maiskaia noch´, ili utoplennitsa [A May Night, or The Drowned Girl] directed by Aleksandr Rou, 1952, 55 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-863
    Call number DVD-696
  • Revizor [The Government Inspector] 1952, directed by Vladimir Petrov
    Call number V-282128 minutes, in Russian with English subtitles
    Call number DVD-689 124 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
  • Kak possorilis´ Ivan Ivanovich s Ivanom Nikiforovichem [How Ivan Ivanovich Quarelled With Ivan Nikiforovich] directed by V. Karasev, 1959, 65 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-1165
  • Shinel´ [The Overcoat] directed by Aleksei Batalov, 1959, 70 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-434
    Call number DVD-565
  • Mertvye dushi [Dead Souls] directed by Leonid Trauberg, 1960, 98 minutes, in Russian [a version of the dramatisation by Mikhail Bulgakov]
    Call number V-1728
  • Vechera na khutore bliz Dikan´ki (Noch´ pered Rozhdestvom) [Evenings on a Farm Near Dikan´ka (The Night Before Christmas / Christmas Eve)] directed by Aleksandr Rou, 1961, 64 minutes, in Russian with optional subtitles and voiceover versions
    Call number DVD-224
  • Taras Bulba, directed by J. Lee Thompson, 1962, 124 minutes, in English with optional Spanish and French dubbing and optional English and Spanish subtitles
    Call number DVD-1773
  • Vii [Vii] directed by Konstantin Ershov and Georgii Kropachev, 1967, 72 minutes, in Russian with optional dubbed versions and subtitles
    Call number DVD-144
  • Vecher nakanune Ivana Kupala [St John’s Eve] directed by Iurii Il´enko, 1968, 69 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
    Call number DVD-874
  • Propala hramota [Propavshaia gramota] [The Lost Letter] directed by Boris Ivchenko, 1972, 74 minutes
    Call number DVD-545 in Russian with optional Russian subtitles
    Call number DVD-4319 in Ukrainian or in Russian with optional Russian and English subtitles
  • Inkognito iz Peterburga [Incognito from Petersburg] [based on Gogol´’s play Revizor] directed by Leonid Gaidai, 1977, 86 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-1085
    Call number DVD-2495
  • Nos [The Nose] directed by Rolan Bykov, 1977, 97 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-1541
  • Zhenit´ba [Marriage] directed by Vitalii Mel´nikov, 1977, 93 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-1072
  • Igroki [The Gamblers] directed by Roman Viktiuk, 1978, 96 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-1786
  • Mirgorod i ego obitateli [Mirgorod and its Inhabitants] [based on the stories ‘Starosvetskie pomeshchiki’, ‘Povest´ o tom, kak possorilis´ Ivan Ivanovich s Ivanom Nikiforovichem’ and ‘Ivan Fedorovich Shpon´ka i ego tetushka’] directed by Mikhail Il´enko, 1983, 135 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
    Call number DVD-903
  • Mertvye dushi [Dead Souls] directed by Mikhail Shveitser, 1984, 386 minutes, in Russian with optional Russian subtitles
    Call number DVD-2722
    Call number DVD-2723
    Call number DVD-2724
  • Sorochinskaia iarmarka [Sorochinsky Fair] screenplay and direction by Veniamin Smekhov, 1985, in Russian
    Call number V-649
  • Revizor [The Government Inspector] directed by Sergei Gazarov, 1996, 102 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-373
  • Delo o “Mertvykh dushakh”. Fantaziia po proizvedeniiam N.V. Gogolia [The Case of the “Dead Souls”. A Fantasy on the Works of Nikolai Gogol´] [based on a number of Gogol´’s works] directed by Pavel Lungin, 2005, 366 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
    Call number DVD-1181 Parts 1-2, 92 minutes
    Call number DVD-1182 Parts 3-4, 92 minutes
    Call number DVD-1183 Parts 5-6, 92 minutes
    Call number DVD-1184 Parts 7-8, 90 minutes
  • Starosvetskie pomeshchiki [Old World Landowners] 2006, 76 minutes in Russian
    Call number V-1690, the MKhAT production directed by Mindaugas Karbauskas
  • Pokhozhdenie, sostavlennoe po poeme N.V. Gogolia “Mertvye dushi” [An Adventure Based on Nikolai Gogol´s novel Dead Souls] 2007, 128 minutes, in Russian
    Call number V-450
  • Russkaia igra [The Russian Game] [a version of ‘Igroki’] directed by Pavel Chukhrai, 2007, 95 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
    Call number DVD-1738
  • Schastlivyi konets [Happy End] [suggested by the story ‘Nos’] directed by Iaroslav Chevazhevskii, 2009, 97 minutes, in Russian
    Call number DVD-2971
  • Taras Bul´ba [Taras Bulba] [The Conqueror], directed by Vladimir Bortko, 2009
    Call number DVD-2343 126 minutes, in Russian
    Call number DVD-3277 133 minutes, in Russian with optional English dubbed version and with optional English subtitles
  • Vii, directed by Oleg Stepchenko, 2013
    Call number DVD-4090 127 minutes, in Russian
    Call number DVD-4144 130 minutes, in Russian with optional English subtitles
  • Den´ duraka [Day of the Fool] (based on Revizor) 2014, 87 minutes, in Russian
    Call number DVD-4297

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