Russian Literature in the Hispanic World by George O. Schanzer's

“Russian Literature in the Hispanic World *without Cuba” – or when Cuba was located in Eastern Europe- this should be the proper title of this book. Indeed, the case in Cuba was not included as part of George O. Schanzer’s bibliography, which is a compulsory referential study on Russian literature and on the topic of the Slavonic in the Hispanic world & the Americas. We all know the reasons. The political is sad, very sad indeed. Politics always made me feel deeply sad. If we recognize the fact that in the 20th century, Cuba did more than any other nation -in the Western hemisphere, the Hispanic & the so-called Third World – to disseminate and to promote all Slavonic languages, art, culture in general, if we have something to celebrate from that Soviet experience in Cuba, it has to be ‘the discovery’ of the Slavonic, its artists and aesthetic proposals; but because of the political, Cuba was segregated, excluded, marginalized from its natural geography. Our Crime & Punishment: for fatal political reasons, we became the Other. I imagine this is part of ‘lo real maravilloso’ defined by Carpentier. as a continuation of the bibliography, in order to complete and update George O. Schanzer’s pioneer work, “Dostoevsky in the Hispanic World: from books to the moving image, from Spain to Hispanic America) ” by Vladimir Alexander Smith​ is presented as part of the UK celebrations to mark the 150th anniversary of Crime & Punishment (this metadata is dedicated to George O. Schanzer, for his compulsory refential work, his bibliography of Spanish and Spanish-American translations of Russian literature & to Prof. Nara Araujo​ Carruana, a family friend and a great Cuban Hispanist

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