Origin Date: 1953-01-01 Annotation: Picture shows Marmeladoffs death scene from a 1953 BBC adaptatino fo Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. (Foreground): Frances Hyland as Sonia and Kenneth Hyde as Marmeladoff. (Background): Eugene Leachy as Coachman, Kenneth Griffin as Raskolnikoff, Ternece Greenidge, Dodd Mehan and Peter Augustine as the three men who brought Marmeladoff back and Sylvia Coleridge as an old woman. Personalities: Hyland, Frances; Hyde, Kenneth; Leahy, Eugene; Griffith, Kenneth; Greenidge, Terence; Mehan, Dodd; Augustine, Peter; Coleridge, Sylvia Location: GB Ref Number: 1438399

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